Women, Tech and Bole Meetup – Port Harcourt

The Technology Industry is highly competitive, and it’s important that women are not just placeholders but actually doing something in our community and in the world at large.

If you are a woman and you hate to be stagnant then the Technology industry is right for you but if you just want to live a simple life, with no challenges and stress in this life then you may as well just not venture because being in Technology means you will have to keep up with the ever growing trends.

When I say Technology is not all about coding and programming, it doesn’t mean that we can take it out completely, it’s the major ingredient if you want to build something that could actually change the world. For something that can actually do that, shouldn’t you know at least how the codes run?

By working with women and helping them start and build a Tech career, I have learned a lot of how to keep doing that. I also understand that women like to know how something actually could work before they get into it.

The Technology career allows you to move through different stages. One of the best thing that can happen to you is to find your entry point, and when you do, do not remain there, you keep growing. That’s why a well thought out career plan that allows you to actually grow and commit to improving your skills will make all the difference.

Women, Tech and Bole meetup is for Women who are in the Technology Industry and/or want to build a highly competitive Tech career.

It is for women who love to take on challenges and are working daily to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the Technology Industry.

We will discuss Technology opportunities for women, interest areas, entry points and 2018 training schedule for a competitive Technology career.

If you are just starting out or not sure where to start, you should attend.

There will be FREE Plates of Bole and Cold Pressed Juice for first 10 ladies, the rest…..YOUR PLATE IS ON YOU.

Date: Sat, 9th Dec 2017
Time: 12 – 3pm
Venue: OlotuSquare, No 1 Khana Street, Dline, Port Harcourt.

Questions? Call Kwin on 07063276271

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