Women Can Solve Big Problems Using Technology

Women need to know that they can contribute majorly to solving big problems using Technology.

I am very passionate about helping girls and woman take practical steps to get started right and stay up to date with the technologies, techniques, and trends in the Tech industry.

While interacting with girls/women, these questions often come up:

  • Where do I start from?
  • Will I be good at this?
  • When do I begin to see results?
  • Can I invest the time and money for this?

I tell them every time, these questions are a great concern to everyone who wants to start or stay relevant in the Technology industry and are not unique to women.

From learning new Tech Skills and staying up to date with the Technology trends. These are valid concerns and should be addressed but most importantly, the focus should be more on the problems one is looking to solve, a solution that can make a difference in the lives of people and the world at large.

There is a misconception about Women in Technology. This comes from both men and women. Some women think Tech is hard, they do not believe that they will be good at it, they do not know how rewarding it is and some think that Tech is for men only.

Interacting with these women is helping me address some of these questions/concerns and daily I am more committed to working with them to start/build a Tech career while working with them to create a personalized learning plan, and pointing them to incredible resources.

I am on a life-long campaign to help raise more women who will start and build a career in Information Technology especially here in Nigeria and because of my experience from having a first degree in Human Physiology, to working in Administration for 5 years before starting out in Information Technology, I believe that I am in the best position to help women who may never have a Tech background or previous experience but have passion and want to solve big problems using Technology.

women tech port harcourt

In my search for Women role models who are leading in the Technology industry, I came across Ethel Cofie (founder, Women in Tech Africa) and once there was a call for independent organizers for Women in Tech Week, I sent in my application and got the approval to organize Women in Tech Week, Port Harcourt in September 2017 with over 40 women in attendance.

I believe there are so many things women can do to help us build a better world and by reaching out to them as well as everyone they know, we can ultimately build a better world together.

And solving a big problem using Technology can help us build a better world. And just like any other venture, once you know the result you are looking to get then you can begin to plot your way there.

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