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Hi, my name is Theodora Isola and I started offering Virtual Assistant Services in 2016 after I left my 9-5. It was a great entry point for me as I have been able to create a niche, offering Online Marketing Support leveraging Technology to Start-ups and Small Businesses.
I want to help you go from not knowing what to do with your smart phone and computer to actually doing great work that will help businesses become profitable and help you earn as much as you want.

I believe that if organizations can find the right support for their businesses, they will be truly successful and we can do this together.



This course will take you through all you need to know about being a Virtual Assistant.

You will learn

Introduction to “Being a Virtual Assistant”
Module 1: Be VA Ready
Module 2: Establishing your WHY
Module 3: Creating a Strong VA Presence Online
Module 4: How to Find Paying Clients
Module 5: VA Toolkit
Module 6: A day in the life of a VA



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This program is completely online with complete access to videos, study materials, exercises, projects, etc. made available to you 24/7. Throughout this programs, you will emails, video lessons, resources to give you extra challenges and resources, and tell you about any live course events (like group text chats, video group office hours, master class presentations, etc).

You need a computer (laptop or desktop) with access to the Internet and/or a smart device you can use to watch the videos lessons and download/upload materials like photos and documents.

Absolutely! You will receive a certificate of completion. You’ll also become part of the alumni community, which is an online network of Creatives who can be a great resource for more learning. And, during your course, you’ll build your own digital portfolio that you can use to show off your skills.