Tech isn’t all Coding and Programming

On Saturday, during the Firebase Meetup for Web Development in Port Harcourt, where we had the codelab session and networking session. During the codelab session, we needed to lighten up the mood in the room and Gino (GDG, Port Harcourt lead) invited me to help out.
We did a little fun activity and next we kicked off a discussion “why more women are not embracing Information Technology).
The concerns were genuine but there was a striking one. One cool guy said “Technology is hard, I mean imagine writing 3000 lines of code, girls/women cannot commit to that” and he was right. I mean come to think of it, I do not have the time to possibly write 3000 lines of code but then again, who says being in Information Technology is all about writing codes and programming?
I threw the question out there and everyone agreed that being in Tech, isn’t all about coding and programming. There you have it.
I was invited to come speak on Radio program “Benchmark” on Standards in the Information Technology Profession.
I did a quick search on the internet on Standards and there are more than a thousand. The most interesting thing about my search was that I found a list of the different careers/areas in Information Technology.
  • Cards and security devices for personal identification
  • Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
  • Digitally Recorded Media for Information Interchange and Storage
  • Computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation
  • Interconnection of information technology equipment
  • IT Security
  • Office equipment
  • Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information
  • Automatic identification and data capture techniques
  • Data management and interchange
  • Document description and processing languages
  • User interfaces
  • Information technology for learning, education and training
  • Biometrics
  • Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms
  • Sustainability for and by Information Technology
  • IT Service Management and IT Governance
  • Internet of Things and related technologies
  • Telecommunications and information exchange between systems
  • Software and systems engineering
All you need is just pick an area and begin to grow it. Have you found your area? Would like to know about what area(s) you should build a career in? Kindly share or ask me how in the comments below.

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