How to get a job in the NBA without being an elite athlete

What does it take to get the most out of your NBA career? The job market for NBA players is a lot like the job market of many other athletes. While it’s easy to jump into the NBA and find success on the court, there are some challenges and risks to being an athlete. “For a player to

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Argentina warns of ‘economic catastrophe’ if ‘war’ escalates

Buenos Aires, Argentina — Argentina’s economy is teetering on the brink of a humanitarian crisis, but its leaders are refusing to give up hope of averting a violent conflict that could wipe out the country’s financial system.The ruling socialist government in Argentina is pushing ahead with plans to spend billions of dollars on rebuilding the

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A new global economic order, as predicted by economists

A new economic order has been created in the world economy, which economists predict will lead to higher economic growth.The economic order is predicted to be more open and transparent, with a higher level of trade and a greater degree of political and economic integration.The economic order will include an economy which has a high

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How to save money by cutting your costs

Quaternary Economic Activity, a term that refers to the number of quaternary resources in a resource’s physical form, is the most important indicator of the economic impact of an event or period of time.This article will examine how Quaternaries economic activity changes from one period to another, how this change varies across different resources, and