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You are here because you want to get started right in Technology to either build a profitable business, help others build a profitable business or both.

What does it really mean to be Tech Savvy?

To be Tech Savvy means that you know, you are up-to-date and use technologies, techniques, and standards to grow your career manage your business and help provide solutions.

Getting Started in the ever-changing Tech world can be crazy and with the rate at which new technologies, techniques, and standards get released it’s really okay to wonder how you will keep up.

Whether you are new to the Tech industry or already rocking the industry here are a few tips on how you can get started and stay on top of changes that happen all the time, especially the ones that can directly impact the work you do and what your boss/clients expect.

1. Find your entry point:

When starting out, you won’t automatically get good at it, it will take some time. While on it, you need to find your entry point. So if you are here and you are considering a career in Tech, starting out offering Tech support services is a great way to start.

One of my challenge starting out was actually staying through to what I really wanted. It was like anyone I met to mentor me wanted me to follow their path. Which wasn’t a bad thing because I cannot automatically make them start doing something else just because they wanted to help me and I truly appreciate them truly.

It taught me some lessons about getting a mentor. (You need to be clear on exactly what you want before seeking a mentor and state it clearly)

Truth is, I couldn’t find my dream job here in Nigeria (a place where I could learn while building my dream career) so I started a Tech support service business.

We all know how starting a business here in Nigeria is so I had to start from somewhere and that is offering Tech Support as a Virtual Assistant….but guess what it’s one of the best things I’ve done in my life.

2. Research your preferred area to build your Tech Career 

There are a lot of areas you can specialize in Information Technology, you can’t possibly know everything. Once you have decided on the areas you want to specialize in next is to find the fastest way to learn.

Project Management is an important part of ensuring success in a Tech project. If you have project management skills then IT project management will be good for you.

From using realistic methods to help decide what IT projects your IT team should take on through business analysis, to helping with a project charter for initiation you should know that there’s something there for you.

System Analysis allows you the use systematic approach to analyze and design an information system for a business. You work closely with users, actually relating with people know their needs. As a System Analyst, you bring fresh perspectives that others may not have and execute small modifications to make a software product better.

Don’t spend too much time dancing in circles, get a coach, connect with the right people, get into the right networks. Learn how to stand on the shoulders of giants and actually learn from them so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did.

Once you know your preferred area then it’s time to create your who-to-follow list on Social Media (they should be experts or influencers in your industry)

On Facebook put them on your see-first list, so you can see their posts first on your timeline.

On Twitter, favorite them and whenever they tweet, you can get notified and see what they are up to.

On Instagram, turn on notifications and you get a notification everytime they post something.

3. Get the right Training and Create a study plan:

Technology will not fall on you. That means you need a lot of resources to get trained. You don’t necessarily need a 4-year degree but will need to invest in getting trained to become an expert in your chosen area. You need to learn the basic Technologies and gain Development Skills.

A good foundation is to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and How to Use WordPress. Understanding Web Design is also very important.

Set out a reading/studying time and stick to it. Read articles that relate to the tech career you are building and books in the area of Tech that you want to be an expert in. Never stop reading.

4. Have staying power

Once you have decided the area you want to build your Tech skills on, be disciplined enough not to be swayed by every new trend that comes up. If you must make a switch, ensure you know that this is the next best thing for you.

And ultimately always try to move in the direction of what your clients/users want and don’t be in a hurry to get it over with. Decide to put in the hard work it requires.

“We need to quit this ‘microwave results’ mentality. Media has not reminded us enough of the value of working hard. There is nothing you will gain from not working hard. If you want to be successful, then you have to work hard and whilst at it, would also a lot help if you work smart!.” – Eva Muraya

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