#DevExpo2017 – Who Owns the Software?

DevExpo2017 is an annual Developers Event with the aim to add to the pool of talents readily available for tech projects in the South-South Region. DevExpo is organized by Olotu Square, a community of startups & technology developers with interests from full-stack web technologies to Artificial Intelligence and Engineering.

We are the first tech innovation hub in rivers state, Bayelsa/Abia and leading in many other south-south regions of the country.

This year, they are opening up a very important discussion titled “Who owns the Software? Developer or Client”. It is going to be an in-depth discussion on intellectual properties of a software product.

If you are looking to build better relationships with clients and be protected legally then don’t miss DevExpo2017.

The audience for this event will include Business Experts, Technology Enthusiast, Programmers, Developers, Product Managers and Digital Marketer.

The date for this discussion is 18th November 2017 (11am) and venue is at Olotu Square Tech Hub, No 1 Khana Street, DLine, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Register HERE to attend.

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