Being a Virtual Assistant

With the current economy, a lot more brick and mortal businesses won’t make it through the first 5 years, especially if they have to employ staff in addition to other standard business and office setup. This only means, the demand for Virtual Assistants will be on the rise creating opportunities for individuals who want to start a support business and work remotely.

Any business owner that hires a Virtual Assistants will save the cost of employee overheads. While I am writing this, I currently have a client who has a policy to pay vendors first before employees and as a Virtual Assistant providing support service I get paid before the employees get paid.

As a Virtual Assistant, you will be offering help to busy individuals, companies, organizations and you can do this from the comfort of your home with a computer connected to the internet.

So then, Who is a Virtual Assistant?

Here are some of the definition from my student in my Virtual Assistant Business Class:

“I think it is someone who helps market other people’s business and idea via various media”

“A Virtual Assistant is anyone who assist businesses/companies and works remotely from home.”

“A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed individual providing administrative, technical, or creative support to clients from a home office”

Really great answers right. So I will just add that a Virtual Assistant is anyone who offers his/her services to business owners/entrepreneurs to help them increase productivity.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can choose to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere convenient using your personal computer, phone and Internet connection.

Is being a Virtual assistant right for just anyone? Absolutely No. You can be a Virtual Assistant if:

•You have passion to support businesses like I do

•You are creative and love to do fulfilling work

•You are an unemployed graduate or a stay at home mum

•You have good web knowledge and skills

•You are looking to make extra income

Any work that can be done online is suitable for a Virtual Assistant and some of the types of services you can offer include:

•Preparing business documents

•Writing personal profiles


•Web management

•Sending bulk SMS


•Email Marketing

•Social Media Marketing

•Call Center

Why a Virtual Assistant Business

More Businesses are springing up daily. For example in Nigeria, there are over 17 million businesses registered with the corporate affairs commission and even with this number, much more are coming up and just as new businesses are coming up, much more are folding up.

There is a need to support businesses. If you already have a business, am sure you want all the support you can get to help you be successful.‬

I want to provide Support Services that will allow businesses or organizations to operate more effectively. ‬‬‬

One of the benefits of providing support services as a Virtual Assistant is that you can actually make money while helping businesses grow and flourish.‬

You will agree with me that business owner out there put in so much time, commitment and work to make their business stay alive. Even the ones we consider small businesses are the ones who ensure that the unemployed get jobs.

By offering support services, we allow these businesses know that they can outsource their support activities, to independent bodies like you and I, who will ensure the activities are performed much more efficiently so that they can spend more time doing what they are good at.‬‬‬

Think about it for a minute, what areas do you think you can provide support to small businesses? ‬

During one of my classes, some people mentioned:

• Admin Assistant

• Customer Service Delivery

• Website Management

• Content Marketing

• Media and public relations‬‬‬

• Digital Marketing

• Brand Strategist

• Social Media Management‬‬‬

Did you find your preferred support service in the list above? We could provide support services in the same area, but how we offer these services differ.‬‬‬

My Virtual Assistant idea is to support businesses and have the same interest, I will be glad to work with you.‬‬‬

Become a Virtual Assistant. Register HERE.

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