How to beat the economic apocalypse


How to fight the economic catastrophe heading into the 2020 elections?

That’s the challenge facing progressives in 2018.

They must find ways to harness the political momentum that washes over the party in the wake of the 2016 presidential election and then use it to create a political alternative to the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media.

The Democratic National Committee and the party’s congressional leaders must begin to take seriously the prospect of a Trump presidency.

The political leadership must understand that their party is no longer the party of the people.

It is a party of corporate donors and special interests.

The Democrats must understand and embrace the reality that they are not a party that will hold the country together.

There is no way to be a legitimate party without embracing the reality of economic insecurity and the reality the nation is in the midst of a national debt crisis, according to the report.

“The fact that we are in this position, the fact that the national debt is over $19 trillion, the national economy is struggling and the American people are struggling, is the real reason we are not in a position to address the fundamental issues facing our country,” the report says.

It says the party needs to reorient itself in a way that addresses the needs of working-class voters, youth, and middle-class families.

Democrats should be able to offer a populist agenda to appeal to working- and middle.

And Democrats must embrace the fact, the report adds, that the American economy has turned into a political disaster, and that Democrats cannot be the party that protects working people from the ravages of economic decline and corporate consolidation.

“Democrats must also embrace the idea that the economy is not the only important issue in American politics.

We cannot continue to believe that economic prosperity and prosperity can be the only issues that matter,” the article says.

The report says that Democratic candidates and elected officials need to focus on the needs and concerns of the middle class, especially those working families and millennials who are the backbone of the Democratic coalition.

The party must “develop a clear, positive vision for the future of the American middle class,” the document says.

Democrats must “begin to focus our efforts on the problems and challenges facing this middle class” and “take steps to increase the economic security of working families in a time of crisis.”

The report also says the Democrats need to start “rethinking how we approach the economy.”

It says that the party must begin “to focus our attention on the real issues that the middle- and working-classes face.”

The Democrats should embrace the middle classes fears about their economic well-being and start working to address them, the document concludes.

But it goes on to say that Democrats must also stop playing the political game of the moment and take a realistic approach to economic policy and begin thinking about a political party that represents the interests of working people, people of color, and the poor.

“When it comes to economic populism, Democrats must begin by building an economic movement that is grounded in the real needs of the working and middle classes,” the statement concludes.

“We need a new economic party that stands for the interests and needs of Americans working hard, who deserve better, and who will stand up for our communities, our families, and our planet.

That means a Democratic Party that speaks to working families, the needs that people in our communities have, and stands up for the working class and working people against a corporate-dominated political establishment that has been the enemy of working and working families for decades,” the party concludes.

Watch the full report below: The report was written by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a nonpartisan research and policy organization founded by President Barack Obama.

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