A look at the global trade data: The most accurate picture yet of how China’s economy is performing

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A look inside the data.

In this case, it’s the trade data that’s being analyzed.

And it’s one of the best.

The trade data is not the only metric that can tell us how China is doing.

And, yes, the chart above is a bit misleading.

The headline “China is booming” is not true.

China is not booming.

China’s gross domestic product, or GDP, is less than half of its pre-crisis peak.

The economy is growing slowly.

Still, the headline “Trading Economics” is a good look at how China actually is doing: In February, China’s trading economy grew more than 7.6% for the first time in over a year, surpassing the 2% growth recorded in the first three months of 2016.

The surge in Chinese exports to the United States and Europe is helping to offset the drop in Chinese imports.

In other words, China is actually performing better than the data indicates.

This chart also shows the economic geography of China, which has been very good for the last few years.

It shows the country’s trade with Europe and the United Kingdom, which is still very low.

China has been importing a lot more from Europe than it’s exporting.

While China’s trade imbalance with the United State has been growing steadily, its trade with other countries has been flat.

That’s because, as we mentioned earlier, China has always been more focused on the domestic market than on its international market.

China is more of a producer than a consumer.

The data doesn’t even give us an idea of how much of its trade is with the rest of the world.

We should all be very cautious about interpreting these charts.

They can be manipulated.

But the chart that we’ve presented above is very telling.

The chart shows that China’s economic growth has been far more steady than what the data would indicate.

What this tells us is that the data is mostly good.

It’s telling us that China is slowly recovering from the economic crisis and is in fact recovering much better than we thought.

Here’s how China looks right now: And here’s how it looks 10 years from now:It’s the best trade data we’ve had in decades.

But the data still doesn’t tell us all that much about the future of China.

It doesn’t show us the size of the trade gap that the country faces with the world or the size that it’s willing to pay for its imports.

That information is going to be critical in determining how much Beijing will have to increase its trade in the years to come.

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