The ‘economic moat’ has closed for the summer – but how do we get back to the future?


The economic moar has closed, but how can we get our economy back on track? 

It may be tempting to turn back to that same old mantra of not taking too much for granted. 

But is that really the answer? 

If we want to turn our economy around, we need to change the way we look at it. 

To change the economic model we need a paradigm shift.

We need to go back to what people actually do, rather than how things are done. 

In fact, the only way we will ever get to a different economic model is if we make the shift from an economic model that is based on supply and demand to one that is driven by supply and supply. 

And this shift is a paradigm change.

It is a shift from a model that has become overly dependent on demand to a model where we are creating demand for the things we need and the things people need. 

This is a change that is rooted in economics.

The economic model has become a system that is not based on how much we produce or what we spend, but on how we produce it.

This model is based around supply and production.

What is the economy that has the greatest ability to produce the things that people need? 

The answer is supply.

In a market economy, goods are produced and sold on the market. 

The value of the goods that people buy is based in supply and not in demand. 

Supply is the ability to sell goods at the same price they are being sold for. 

Demand is the desire for more of a certain product. 

If the market price of a good is higher than what people are willing to pay, they will buy more of that product.

In other words, the economy does not rely on how many goods we produce, but the ability of the economy to produce goods at a price that people are happy with.

If we had a supply-demand model of the economic system, the supply-output ratio would not be based on demand.

Instead, there would be an excess supply of goods that would be sold at a lower price than the amount of demand.

When we look back at how we produced the things in our economy, we are not only missing out on the ability for people to enjoy those things, we miss out on what we can produce for them. 

It is this missing supply of stuff that is causing our economic woes. 

When we have a supply surplus, we can’t produce as much as we would like.

When the economy has a shortage of things that are in demand, then our economy is in a recession. 

Why are our businesses failing to grow? 

What is going on in the economy? 

As the supply of things in the market is not meeting demand, we have an excess of people wanting to buy those things. 

We have a shortage in the supply chain and we are having to import a lot of stuff in order to get it to our customers. 

All of these things are adding to the problem.

We are not producing enough goods to meet demand.

We are not importing enough goods. 

What we need is to take the economy back to a supply model that focuses on supply rather than demand.

In other terms, let’s call this a supply supply paradigm shift, a shift in the way that we look to the economy.

We can do this by changing the way the economy is produced. 

At this point, I know you might be thinking, “But what if you just sell stuff to people?” 

That is not the best way to do business, and you can do it wrong. 

However, it does mean that you can start selling stuff to other businesses that want to sell stuff. 

For example, we could create a business called the Bundel-Brooks Economic Opportunity Fund. 

BBSEOF is an initiative that provides financial aid to business owners that want help in creating new jobs and economic growth. 

Businesses that qualify will be rewarded with BBA, a government grant that allows them to create a business within a certain geographical area that they can then invest in. 

Here’s how it works: BBIOFS pay the business $1,000 to create a new business within their area. 

Once the business is established, the Bureau of Economic Analysis provides BBA for the business to invest in new jobs and economic growth.

The Bachelor-Bachelors degree is the only degree that Bachelin Bars can give as a business owner. 

I am a Business Academy Certified business leader that is working with BBD in the United States to create BBA for