How to save money by using equity definitions


Business Insider / The Associated Press – NOLA, Louisiana (AP) “What a great story,” said Michael Mauer, who owns the restaurant that was among the first to embrace a new term for the term “equity” that was coined by a University of Southern Mississippi economist.

The phrase is now used by more than 1,000 restaurants around the country.

“It’s a great way to bring equity back into the dining room,” said Mauer.

In a recent study by the National Restaurant Association, more than half of U.S. restaurants used the term equity definition in the past year.

“We are really starting to see equity being used in a much more mainstream way,” said Chris Nelms, senior economist at the Nola Economic Group, a business research firm that tracks restaurants.

It’s a good thing, because equity is not a new concept, said Mueser, the restaurant consultant who is now a partner at the Boston-based consultancy Restaurant Group.

He has coined a few more.

He also said the use of the term has increased as restaurant owners have been more aggressive about investing in their franchises, creating new income streams for owners.

Equity definitions are not new in business.

Restaurants were using the term before the recession.

But the term’s popularity has risen in the wake of the recession, and the recession is far from over.

A new study by Nola economists and others finds the use has risen from 10 percent of restaurants’ equity definitions in 2013 to 19 percent this year.

Nola is the only firm in the industry that has tracked equity definitions for more than a decade.

It has found that the use is trending upward as businesses are becoming more aggressive in their investments in franchises.

Restaurant owners, who use the term to describe the percentage of cash and property owned by their restaurants, are spending more money on equipment and hiring more managers and employees, which in turn increases the size of their businesses.

Nels Muesers study also found that businesses that have been aggressively franchising have been able to expand their business in recent years and create new income stream.

“They are really creating a new opportunity to reinvest and grow their businesses,” Nels said.

For businesses that aren’t in a position to expand, a franchise can be a way to create a bigger and better return on their investment, and they can earn more money from franchise sales.

Restaurations that are expanding can also get more money when they do, and this is the case in the case of the restaurant at the corner of New Orleans Avenue and Lake Pontchartrain Boulevard, said Mike St. John, president of New American Restaurant Group, which operates the Louisiana restaurant with his wife.

The St. Johns own a restaurant in the same block of Lake Pontchild Boulevard.

“I think the term is a good way to put the new restaurants out there in a better light,” he said.

The restaurants’ use of equity is part of a growing trend among businesses that don’t necessarily have franchise agreements, said Andrew Muhlbach, a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

The number of restaurants in the U.N. Economic and Social Survey showed that an increasing number of businesses in the global food system are looking for ways to diversify their business model.

For example, many of the restaurants in that survey are not part of franchise agreements.

“So if you want to diversification, you need to create some kind of value,” Muhler said.

And that’s where equity definitions can come in.

Equity Definition Economists and others say the term serves as a framework for businesses to measure their businesses and their growth.

They see it as a way of identifying areas where they can invest their cash, which can then be used to grow businesses.

“This is the best way for companies to do that,” said James Linder, who founded the Restaurant Group in 2007 and is now chairman and CEO of the Restaurant Association of America.

The word is so widespread that the restaurant association has started to use it in its annual report.

It is the first time the term was used in its report.

The term “Equity” is derived from the concept of equity.

It means that in a company’s business, the majority of its assets are owned by the owner.

“That makes it a much stronger, more powerful, and more attractive way to measure the business,” Mauer said.

It also helps to separate business growth from profitability, said Michael Lueck, executive director of the University Of Southern Mississippi’s Economic Institute.

“Equities are used to make sure that a business is profitable,” Luecks said.

But it’s not the only term that has gained traction.

A number of other business terms have also emerged.

The restaurant industry has used a number of such terms in recent decades, but the term that gained prominence is equity definition.

“When I hear equity definitions, I think that it’s really just a way for the business to put a number

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