What is a “Free Lunch”?

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Posted by Business Insider on January 10, 2018 09:29:02 An “economic freedom” is defined as the ability to earn a living and not be forced to accept any form of financial or other coercion.

Free lunches have become an increasingly popular way to enjoy food in recent years, but they’re also becoming more expensive.

As of last month, a basket of six meals cost a total of $16.99 on the New York City subway.

Some people choose to go without the buffet, but for others, it’s the only option.

Here’s what the best free meals in America look like.


The Great American Basket of Free Lunches.

This meal at the Brooklyn Bridge restaurant features a selection of six traditional meals including a salad, pasta salad, a sandwich, and a cheeseburger.

Free of charge, the meal costs $8.99, and it’s served three times a day.


The Bitterroot Restaurant.

This $14.99 meal at this restaurant has a classic American-style steak and chicken salad, which includes a side of fries and a side salad.

The $9.99 entree comes with a side-dish of salad and fries.


The American Dream at the Four Seasons.

This classic New York restaurant’s $14-a-night meal comes with two entrées, a side order of fries, and fries, along with a dessert for dessert.


The Cheesecake Factory.

This dessert-filled meal costs a total $14, which comes with three entrees, a dessert, and three desserts.

The dessert is a cheesecake topped with whipped cream and chocolate.


The Best of Buffalo Wild Wings.

This entree costs $14 for two entrees and two desserts.


The Golden Poodle at the Golden Nugget.

This chicken and pasta dinner comes with four entrees with a sidespoon of soup, and includes a dessert.


The Grilled Cheese at the Brats.

This menu of entrees includes a salad with a dressing and fries plus two desserts for dessert, which are both included in the price of the meal.


The Tasting Menu at The Ritz Carlton. This entrée comes with fries, a salad of chicken and salad, and two sides.


The Grand Canyon Grill at the Grand Canyon.

This appetizer dinner comes at $11.99 for a two-course dinner with two entree options and a dessert with three sides.


The New Orleans Steakhouse at the Olde Times Square.

This is a dinner served three ways, but it comes with sides of salad, fries, rice, and vegetables.


The Coney Island Diner at Coney Isle.

This two-piece meal costs about $14 a person and comes with five sides, including a dessert and fries as well as a dessert-stuffed sandwich.


The French Restaurant at La Belle Époque.

This French-style entrée includes two entrés with two sides, two desserts, and sides of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, along.


The Deli at The New York Botanical Garden.

This three-course meal comes at about $15 a person, and comes accompanied by a side dish.


The Old West Steak House at The American Barbecue & Biscuit Co. This steak-and-potatoes dinner comes in at about the same price as a typical dinner.


The Kettle and Barbecue at the Barbecue Bar & Grill.

This barbecue-themed entree includes two entrées, two sides of chicken, two side salads, and four sides of potatoes and coleslaw.


The Big O at the Big O’s BBQ & BBQ Barbecue.

This one-hour, three-serving meal costs roughly $18.99 and comes paired with a choice of a side or a salad.


The Diner At The Big Bear Grill.

An entree that comes with rice, a choice from four different sides, and six sides of mashed potatoes and a sidespoon of honey and maple syrup is $18 per person.


The Red Robin at the Doubletree Hotel and Casino.

This dinner costs about a third of the price at a restaurant with a four-course menu and includes three entréments and a salad for dessert at the end of the night.


The Brisket at The French.

This beefy, tender dinner comes from the kitchen of chef Daniel Gare.


The Steak and Poultry at the French.

A steak and a poultry entrée, served with a sauce and fries are $22.99.


The Chicken House at the Biergarten.

A chicken and cornbread dinner with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and colander is $23.99 per person, with the desserts included.

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