How To Earn $100K Per Year With An Ohio Economic Development Degree

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A recent graduate from Ohio’s Industrial and Technology College of Design is making $100,000 per year with an engineering degree. 

Joe Koehler, who earned his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Industrial and Technical College of Art and Design, told Bloomberg Businessweek that the $100k per year he earned was in line with what he earned in a similar program at the University of Chicago and the University and College of New Jersey.

Koehler says that he was “lucky” to be able to take the $500,000, as he and his wife decided to leave Chicago to open a small operation in a rural area of Ohio. 

In a similar vein, Ohio State University’s Economic Development program offers a $300,000 undergraduate degree for students with a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or related fields. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to earn a couple of dollars more than I would have at a university,” Koehl said. 

Koehl is one of more than 1,000 students nationwide who have taken the program since it began in 2014. 

The economic development program, which has earned a reputation for helping students find their niche in the labor market, has attracted about 100,000 people in Ohio and more than 4,000 in the past year.

The program’s graduates are expected to add more than $1.2 million in sales, $4.1 million in business operations and $5.4 million in retail sales, according to a release. 

A recent report by the College of Business at the University at Buffalo in New York found that students from a range of different fields in the Ohio economy are entering the workforce with degrees in STEM fields.

The Economic Development College of Ohio ranks among the top 10 of Ohio’s three largest college campuses, according to the College of Business at the university. 

Students can choose from two levels of programs, one for engineering and one for design, and the majority of students take the engineering program. 

Many of the students earn an associate’s or bachelor’s in design. 

There are two online engineering and design programs, with courses covering a wide variety of topics, such as business, management, technology, and manufacturing. 

This year, the Economic Development Program has about 3,000 participants in Ohio.

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