A ‘tremendous’ economic opportunity, but it will cost a lot of money


The State Government is in the early stages of considering a proposal to spend $4 billion over the next 10 years to build a new airport at Adelaide Airport.

The proposed project, dubbed the A-Train, would see the airport expand by one third, from four to seven kilometres.

The new airport would also have direct links to the existing South Australian Government-owned AirportLink.

The project would also allow for the expansion of the existing airport, with the addition of a third runway.

“It’s a massive opportunity for the state,” said Premier Jay Weatherill.

“This airport would be the gateway to our southern and eastern suburbs, which are home to over a million people.”

We have some of the world’s best international airports and we have a world-class airport which would be able to provide us with the capacity to accommodate the A Train and be able take passengers in and out of the airport.

“The A-train proposal would see an expansion of Adelaide Airport from four kilometres to seven, with direct links from Adelaide to the State Government-operated South Australian AirportLink network.

But it will be a significant investment for the State, with an estimated $4.4 billion price tag. “

It would be an enormous opportunity for us,” he said.

But it will be a significant investment for the State, with an estimated $4.4 billion price tag.

South Australian Premier Jay Mr Weatherill, flanked by State Transport Minister, said it would be a major project to expand Adelaide Airport’s capacity.

Adelaide Airport is the largest regional airport in the country, and serves more than a million passengers a day, more than any other airport in Australia.

Mr Weatherill was keen on the airport expansion, saying it would “provide the state with the capability to serve our northern, eastern and southern regions.”

“We are very excited about this project,” he told the ABC.

This new airport will provide a link to the airport at the existing Southern Adelaide Airport, which is currently used for freight flights.

There are also plans to expand the airport to accommodate trains, and it could be expanded to a capacity of 800,000 passengers a year.