World Bank: Brazil needs a strong economy to avoid a depression

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A new report by the World Bank shows that Brazil needs strong economic growth to avoid being in a depression.

The World Bank said in its annual report released Tuesday that Brazil will be in a “very negative position” when it comes to economic growth over the next two decades.

In its report, the bank said that while the economy will grow by 7.9% in 2020, it will fall by 10.4% in 2025.

In 2020, the economy grew 7.7%, which is still a solid rate.

However, by 2025, the rate will fall to 7.2%, the report said.

The growth rate will continue to fall as Brazil begins to transition to a different economy.

Brazil’s GDP will grow only 2.9%, the worst in Latin America, and it will decline by 4.1% in 2026.

The report said that Brazil is still expected to have a strong growth rate in 2025, but it will be more sluggish than in the past.

The country is expected to continue to grow faster than in 2020.

The bank said Brazil needs to achieve strong growth to prevent a recession.

Brazil is expected the economy to grow 7.5% by 2030, which is the slowest in Latin American.

Brazil also needs to grow at least 8% by 2026 to avoid becoming a recession country, it said.

Brazil’s GDP is expected increase by about 4% a year.

In 2025, Brazil’s economy will add 3.5 million jobs and its gross domestic product will grow more than 15% a decade, the report stated.

By 2030, Brazil is projected to have lost about 1.5 billion jobs.

In 2026, the world will witness an economic contraction of 1.2% a month.

By 2028, Brazil will lose another 1.7 billion jobs and will experience an economic recession.