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How to Make Money in an Economy That’s Dealing with Economic Deception

The global economic system is failing to address the economic challenges it faces, writes James H. Schulz, the founder of The Schulz Institute.The financial crisis, which is also the largest economic event of our time, is now well underway.It’s a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, with many factors contributing to the global financial crisis and the

When will the next generation of British tech start to take off?

The next generation will be a much more powerful, more agile, and more diverse tech industry than the one we’ve had before.But how will this new generation of tech start competing with established players in the global tech sector?And how will it integrate with existing firms and technology?

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Which country has the best and worst engineering economics?

Economists have a field day at the latest research paper on the economics of engineering, and their findings are surprisingly varied.Some of the most fascinating is the finding that the UK has the worst engineering, engineering economics and engineering management outcomes in the world.Economists at University College London published a paper last week showing that

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Why the UK is heading for an economic crash

Financial services, one of the biggest sectors of the UK economy, has been hit by a severe downturn and is set to crash by the end of the year.The UK is now forecast to fall into recession and hit by around a one in five chance of a third straight year of economic stagnation.Business Insider

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What can be done to help Italian football?

A footballing paradise in Italy, where all of the big clubs have their headquarters, has been hit by a global financial crisis.There are no shortage of suggestions that the country’s sporting culture may be at risk, especially as the country is in the midst of an economic slowdown.One suggestion is to increase the value of

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How the nation’s economic growth has slowed since 2007

WASHINGTON — The national economy grew at a 1.7% annual rate last year, the slowest pace since 2007.The slowdown was largely due to weak consumer spending, the lowest rate since 2011.The national unemployment rate fell to 5.9% last year from 6.9%.The economy added an annual rate of 5.6% in the fourth quarter of 2017, the