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Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an individual who provides support services remotely using a smartphone and computer connected to the internet to help business owners succeed and makes money while at it.

Support Services – so that they can focus on what they are great at.

Remotely – meaning you can do this from wherever you are

Help business succeed – you are actually meeting a need and solving a problem.

Make money – because in all labour there is gain.

I want to establish that all the above you can do without calling yourself a Virtual Assistant because people don’t pay for titles, they pay for VALUE.

By being a Virtual Assistant you are much more than a Freelancer. You are a helper, a supporter (you can check synonyms for ASSISTANT).

If you are a woman, you will agree with me, that God created the woman to be a Helpmeet.

I know some people we say but to a man. Anyway, you get what I mean.


Being a Virtual Assistant will allow you do great work and you can still have the flexibility to choose what you want to do, work from home and spend time with your family, earn as much as you want to earn.

And I have to tell you, the industry is just starting to get popular. From an international survey done in 2017, the report was released in Dec and it showed that 41% of Virtual Assistants started their business in the past year.

For me, 3 areas inspired my starting a VA business:

  1. I wanted to do the work I truly love.
  2. I wanted to work from anywhere (I love traveling)
  3. I wanted to earn more.

Although I started offering freelancing services 2013, I started my VA business officially in 2016 after I left my Job and I have been enjoying these 3 areas I listed above.

From my experience, here’s the difference between Freelancing and offering VA services.

In freelancing, a lot of times, you deliver a once-off project or they call you when they need your services. For example, I have had a client who reaches out to me once yearly since 2013 to get work done for his company.

Now as a Virtual Assistant, I have a client that I started offering my services monthly since November 2016 and she’s still my client to date.

She pays me monthly for what I do for her remotely. She lives in Lagos and I live in Port Harcourt. I have only met her face to face twice. On two of my trips to Lagos, remember I love travelling.

Currently, I have clients in Abuja, Benin, UK, US and of course in Port Harcourt.

And as a trainer, I do trainings mostly offline with options for internship because what we do as Virtual Assistants is hands-on. I also do online training and have had and still have students/interns in different states in Nigeria, even Ghana.

What makes offering Virtual Assistant Services continuous is mostly because the tasks you do as a Virtual Assistant fall under business support tasks and they need to be done routinely.

These typical VA tasks fall under the following:

✔Social Media Management



✔Project Management

✔Writing and Editing

✔Customer Service

✔Internet Marketing

✔Content Management

✔Web and Graphic Design

✔Digital Advertising

✔Financial Management

✔Community Management

✔Admin Support Tasks


Now you may have experience in any of the above but you need to know how to carry out tasks typically for a client in these areas and for that you need training.

Actually, I started offering Virtual Assistant Services in 2015 but I didn’t start making money till 2016.

I had to get a coach, took some paid online courses, attended trainings, did a lot of research and learnt some valuable lessons from working with some very wonderful clients to get to where I am today.

Not everyone is a suitable client to offer VA services to.

You can be a General Virtual Assistant or a Specialised VA.

You can decide to do this as an individual or actually start a business.

You can start while still having an 8-5 job. When I started in 2013, I had a day job.

When I left my job, I was 6 months pregnant with my second daughter, it would have been really tough if I didn’t have some experience.

Now I have at least 5 high paying clients monthly, I have people working for me and I do this mostly from home or wherever I am.

So I don’t know where you are right now but I believe if you are looking to explore the Virtual Assistant industry then you should.

Just be ready to




Being a general VA is like having a medical doctor who sees every patient and a specialised VA is like a Cardiologist who is specialized with dealing with those who have heart issues.

To be a Specialised VA, once you know the career you want to focus on, then you can create support services in that areas and meet the needs of people in that areas.

It’s always great to start as a General Virtual Assistant. There are really sort after tasks you can begin doing and earning once you get started.

The common areas that people need VAs are Admin, Customer Service and Marketing.

I have 3 levels of training that can help you from not knowing what to do to actually having a VA business.

But here’s the thing, Level 2 and 3 are mostly for those who at interested in the Technology industry.

Most of my clients have come through referrals and from projecting rightly on Social Media.

How to get clients is part of what I will take you through in my trainings.

This things don’t happen in one day or one week or even one month.

Okay, Let me share this quickly. I was referred by a client to another and she actually contacted me early last year but we didn’t start working till till Feb 2018.

Now when you set out projecting what you want to do, people want to know that you are for real and some will be watching to see if you will change your mind.

If you get into it for trial and you run away at the sight of challenge then you are not ready.

So in my training, I will take you through a series of activities that will help you establish your “WHY” for doing what you are doing and also how to start projecting to be seen so that even though you at new in the industry, you will be seen.

An important part of the project is that you get a client while still in the 1st level. So that can cover your training fee for the rest levels if you want to further.

About support services, I gave a few examples here. Please read and like my Facebook page also. CLICK HERE

Here’s the outline for the Entry Level Training

Introduction: Starting out as a Virtual Assistant

Module 1: Client Assessment

Module 2: Research and Documentation

Module 3: Setting up and updating Client’s Platforms

Module 4: Administrative and Customer Service Tasks

Module 5: Content Creation

Module 6: Social Media Management

Module 7: Blog Management 101

Tools and Applications


Ready to start right away?

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