Tech Meetups and why women are still far off in the Tech journey

With so much Tech Meetups and workshops, a lot of people are still wondering why women are not embracing Technology like they should by now.

Well, first in my own opinion I think the essence of Meetups is to let women connect, network and get exposed to the other areas they can possibly build on.

I mean, there’s more to Tech than coding and programming.

I still don’t get why the focus is more on coding and programming even when we have a lot of apps that haven’t seen the light of day.

And while some are trying so hard to see how to make the other parts work, someone comes with “What programming language do you code?”

It worries me that some people are more concerned about showing how others are not working or getting on the limelight than actually trying to help.

We keep shouting that women are not in Tech and I have specifically tried to enlighten some guys how it works for women but how many are really concerned.

If you haven’t shared about other areas or asked that lady what area she would like to build on or what challenge she’s facing or even shared a resource to help then stop shouting that women are not in Tech.

Recently in a group discussion some made a statemnet and he said “Ladies, software development is not like bead making, tailoring or make-up artistry. It’s a discipline, it’s a career, it’s hard, it’s takes time.”

I have a problem with that above statement and I will tell you why.

No career or business is easy to build. I opened a Salon and Makeup Studio in Oct 2011, then I still worked a 9-5 and I was pregnant with my first daughter.

I just thought that I would use my 3 month maternity leave to get my business rolling……no way. I closed shop in less than one year over 2million down the drain. My husband still remembers than money till today.

I grew up seeing my mum stay up all night sewing just to make sure she can deliver clothes to her customers promptly. Sewing was her business, she trained and raised us with it.

So I don’t think the Tech industry is any different.

Ladies, once you choose what you want to do, if you want to go far with whatever you want to do, you need to commit to it, not just give it a few months or look at it when you like.

Before you get to that stage where you can call yourself and expert, you must have given it time and put in some sleepless nights.

Do a bit of research, look at the area in Tech that will best suit you, start there and committ to being the best.

No one was born a Techie, we are all just still learning to be better everyday.

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