How to maximize the cyberspace for financial benefit – Plus VA 101 Training.

Being online is no longer a big deal. WhatsApp has a monthly MTN Nigeria plan for as low as N150.

It means that with N150 you can show people what you have to offer to them using WhatsApp Status (Stories).

So my 1st question to you this:

Do you have something of value that people need and are willing to pay for?

I have noticed that for some people, their challenge isn’t that they do not have something to offer, but one of these two things is stopping them

  1. You want to be very ready
  2. You want to wait till it’s very big

Just like you, I want to build an empire, I want to run a mega business but I had to start from somewhere, I had to find my entry point.

The cyber space on its own won’t benefit you if you don’t know how to use it.

Let me share with you what I am all about.

I want to support businesses using the most suitable IT solutions.

At the point when I knew first what I truly wanted to do in this life, I didn’t have the expertise or had companies already waiting for me or had the funds to rent an office, nor do any mega-publicity.

But I had to start somewhere:

✔ Offering Support to entrepreneurs as a Virtual Assistant.

What that meant for me is that I could start doing what I really wanted to do by offering support solutions leveraging on Technology to help entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Before starting out as a Virtual Assistant (VA) I didn’t even know what it was.

Research took me there but here are the things I was looking to do:

✔ I wanted to do the work I love which is to support businesses

✔ I wanted to do it from where ever I was (I love traveling)

✔ I wanted to be in charge of how much I earned.

So I went online to research looking for

*How to support business

*Starting an online business

*What businesses can I do and work from anywhere

*How to earn money working from home*

You would think that after the research everything should be alright I mean I knew what to look for, I must have found it all on the internet.

But I have to tell you, online you will find so many resources and information and if you are not careful, you will start suffering from information overload.

I knew I needed someone who could help and guide me to bring all the plenty thoughts and things I wanted to do together so here’s what I did, I HIRED A COACH.

I read a lot of books: business, motivational and also paid for courses: Online and Offline.

All these I did to bring together what I knew I had could offer so that I could actually start doing what I wanted to do.

Now you can spend 24hours a day online but if you don’t know how to profit from it, then you will only be wasting time there.

You have to first find an entry point to what you want to do in this life and begin using the internet to grow it.

So if you have something to offer the world, you can start from where you are right now and begin growing it daily.

Gone are the days when you need to go on radio, need billboard, do jingles, print fliers, and all the typical traditional marketing stuff to reach lots of people.

Today, you can reach much more people right from your bedroom using the internet but first, you need something to offer them and you have to package what you have to sell to the world.

People don’t care about your title, they care about the value you have to offer, the solutions you have for their problems and you need to put your heart to whatever you really want to do.

If it’s your side business then don’t expect it to take care of major bills except you have first invested in it.

So how do you maximize the cyber space for financial benefit:

  1. Have something of value to offer people. Something that actually solves a problem for the people it is targeted at.
  2. Research on how you can offer it to them, see what’s already out there regarding what you want to do.
  3. Put it together, Package it, you will need the right training to do this, get it.
  4. Promote it using the internet. Find out how you can or hire someone who can.
  5. Get feedback, look for better and newer ways to offer what you offer. Keep making it better.

As regards what I do as a Virtual Assistant:

I train and work with a team of creatives and together we:

✔ deliver dynamic content-based solutions

✔ set up and manage work processes

✔ handle routine tasks

✔ develop and execute marketing programs

using Technology.

I started offering freelancing services since 2013, while still having a day job: creating business documents and managing Social Media.

When I Left my job in 2015, I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter and I couldn’t get a job at that time so since I had researched and learned about offering Virtual Assistant Services, I started.

It was challenging starting out but because it came out from what I truly wanted to do, I have been learning, growing and earning ever since.

The services you offer as a Virtual Assistant mostly fall under support tasks or otherwise called routine tasks.

These are tasks people need for their business to keep it running. I have also been able to identify some support tasks that businesses need:

Administrative Support

Customer Service




Maintenance and Repair



These above are some support task. Read my post here on support services.

If you are good in any of these areas you can start reaching out to people who need you.

It also means that if your business is not majorly in these areas it will be wise to outsource and as entrepreneurs, outsourcing to big companies who do these will cost more so there is a great need for *Virtual Assistants*

In a previous training I shared the not in my blog please click here to read HERE

Have a business who could use major support or you want to learn how you can do this for clients? Comment below or send me an email on

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