Employee Engagement by an organization is a commitment to creating an enabling environment for employees to remain passionate and involved in carrying out their jobs effectively and efficiently to increase their productivity.

By engaging your employees in meaningful activities, you can help to increase productivity and performance that ultimately affects the overall growth of your company.

Employees who have what they need to succeed in their career and are satisfied with their personal growth and receive a reward for their contribution, are unlikely to look for jobs elsewhere.

This is a good time to ask, what do employees want?

Employees have needs that transcend just salaries. A fat monthly cheque is great but if that’s all your employees work for then your company is in trouble. Employees want to know that they are in a work environment that allows them to build themselves professionally as well as personally. If you want to attract top talents and retain them, you need to pay attention to their professional and personal lives.

From creating engaging activities, a better work environment, offering flexible working hours, flexible schedules, these can help your employees maintain a more positive work-life balance and remain productive at work.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get this going in an organization especially when you need to handle customers, pay bills, build more products but you need to know how important your employees’ productivity can affect the quality of work they deliver. When you put the right things in place, you can trust them to perform at their best.

Sharing the big pictures with your employees would let them know they are working towards something bigger. Everyone wants to work with purpose, it helps for better connection to executing tasks and putting in their best because they, just like you are looking forward to the result.

What’s your company’s vision and values? Have you shared it with them, do they find themselves in it?

Employees want to be a part of something meaningful and this you have to communicate to them.

Some Companies that have created awesome employee engagements

Apple: Employee retention rate of 81% by making Employees Fans with a friend and family discount of 15 to 15% on its products, employee gifts (iPhones), Created a communication channel that allows even lower-level staff to talk to management, hand-written notes to congratulate employees on project success, create customer experience that are well communicated with the employees, Focused on Projects worked on rather than number of years worked. That way, employees feel part of something big.

You should be the Chief Engagement Officer of your company, we can show you how.

Facebook: Very passionate about building relations and engaging people and it’s no different from how they treat their employees. With pecks like free snacks, gym, doctor’s offices, they have 99% high job satisfaction among their employees.

They create bootcamps where employees learn about the company and opportunities working with their organization.

What can your employees learn about your organization? What are the opportunities available for working with your company? We can help you communicate this.

Virgin: They have an employee-first mindset where they empower their team to take initiatives and allow steady access to announcements and updates through a social intranet.

“Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” -Sir Richard Branson, Virgin founder

Google: They keep working hard to create an engaging atmosphere that attracts millennials; fun working environment, free food, on-site laundry and they created an algorithm to spot employees who are disengaged. 

Nike: They help their employees to get engaged in volunteering programs that they are interested in and a dedicated marketing staff who’s only job is to tell employees the original story of the company. 

Do you have a company story? Do your employees know your company’s story? We can help you craft one and tell it. 

General Electric: They invests more than $1billion annually providing learning and education on leadership personal and professional growth) for employees to keep them engaged

Building a More Productive Team

Creating an environment where your employees feel like a part of your organization takes conscious effort and we realize that doing this in the office environment may not be convenient or may be more expensive to set up. That’s why we have created amazing packages and will implement only the best engagement strategy for your company.

Benefits of engaging your employees: 

  • Your employee retention rates will increase
  • You will attract and recruit top talents in your organization
  • You would create an innovation environment
  • Increase in revenue per employee
  • Customer experience with your employees and your brand will increase
  • Overall productivity

We know how challenging put together a program and execute it without losing work hours that’s why we have carefully created this package for a more productive organization. 

Here are some of the packages we have put together: 

  • Team Building Activities: We have selected activities that can help your employees bond, learn about the phases of team building and help them focus on projects at hand for successful execution.
  • Product Design Project: If you are looking to build a new product or improve your product, this package is specially designed to cater to your product design needs.
  • Hack Night: Tech team will benefit more from this package where they can create a prototype, ready to get on with the main execution.
  • Employee Day Out: Your employees will love this, they could go see a movie together, visit new places that can help inspire them to think more innovatively.
  • Personal Development Training: Your employees need to keep growing not just in their jobs but in their personal lives and we have a few personal development courses you can choose from.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Service Cost for basic employee engagement package range from

1 Day Activities ranges from N200k – 500K

5 Days – 500k – 1M

Cost covers: 




Food Services

Transportation (in-city)

Allow us Customized a Package

We can customize a package for you once we understand your company culture and what goals you want to achieve with your employees working with you.

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